Spring Tent Tips

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Greeting Bappers!


Temperatures are warming, lift lines are depleting, seems that spring is giving us a seasons greeting!  


Here at BAP we are patiently waiting for our snowpack on the front lawn to dwindle so we can start displaying all of our Big Agnes tents! Tis the season to start re-visiting your gear and making sure that everything is in tip top shape for the upcoming adventure season. 

 Have a Big Agnes tent with a broken pole or substantial hole?

Get in touch with the lovely warranty team at Big Agnes or swing on into the Red House!



Here are some tips and tricks to help maintain condition of your tent!


Try not to set up and leave your tent in direct sun for long periods of time!

UV damage can directly impact the strength of the material making your tent susceptible to holes, color fading, and more.  


Reduce the risk of abrasion!

Do not carry your tent strapped to the outside of your pack – this will leave the tent exposed & susceptible to damaging abrasive encounters. 

By leaving your shoes in the vestibule, choosing a soft surface to camp on, paring your tent with the correct footprint, or investing in the Big Agnes Tent Floor Protector you can reduce the risk of damaging your tent. 

Our Tent Floor Protector is perfect for those who have children, dogs, or are hard on their gear! It can be used as a ground cloth, or inside of your tent as an extra layer that is quiet, weather resistant, and durable.


Care for your zippers!

Often zippers get stuck when debris get lodged within the teeth/coils, try not to force the zipper as that will likely cause damage to the slider. When camping in areas that are sandy or have exposed dirt, check your coils and clean it off with toothbrush! Zipper lubrication and repair kits make zipper care easy and are available online and in store here at BAP. 



Proper tent takedown & storage!

When packing up your tent shake off as much dirt as possible, storing your tent in a sandy/dirty condition can cause abrasion over time. Always store your tent in a dry state, storing a tent when it’s wet can cause weird smells to occur! When dismantling the poles try to be gentle, often when we clank the poles together and overtime cause damage to the cording. 


When not in use, store your tent inside in a climate controlled environment – storing in your garage or outdoor shed means your tent will be exposed to wild fluctuations of temperature and humidity, which can be detrimental to your tent’s lifespan.   

We hope ya’ll are ready for a great camping season!


Until next time,

remember to shop local & WEAR BAP!

 PC: Noah Wetzel 


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