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Warm weather is upon us!
With it starting to feel more like summer, here at the shop we have been getting an abundance of people looking to update their methods of sleeping in the dirt.
Big Agnes is known for being the “Mother of Comfort”, that tag line  is derived from the Classic Sleep System. For those who aren’t familiar with the Sleep System, it refers to the pad sleeve that can be found in a multitude of our sleeping bags.
Our integrated sleep system is a spacious design, compared to that of a  traditional mummy bag. Not only will you not roll off your pad, but our system optimizes comfort while still being incredibly light in weight. In a traditional down mummy bag, as you lay on your pad while inside of your bag you are inherently compressing the entire back panel of insulation; therefore, decreasing the thermal efficiency of your bag. This results carrying extra weight, having a bulkier bag, and you’re probably not incredibly comfortable!
Our sleep system gets rid of that back panel of insulation, and replaces it with a pad sleeve. With that being said, all system bags require an insulated pad in order to get your bag to sleep to the allotted amount. Up until this year Big Agnes utilized a pad sleeve that required the camper  to slide in their pad from the top section of their bag, methods of optimizing pad insertion include, taco-ing said pad, deflating the pad slightly, or some finesse.
Now we have an updated pad sleeve called the flex pad sleeve. This design took the original concept and revamped it. The flex pad sleeve fits as if its a fitted sheet over your mattress at home- it rolls over the corners of your sleeping pad, instead of sliding it in from the top. This new sleeve is stretchy and can accommodate up to a 25 inch wide pad, making our sleep system more customizable than ever!
The new bags come in down and synthetic options and are available as doublewides!
PC: Noah Wetzel 

Staying true to the term, “MOTHER OF COMFORT” come try out these bags for yourself!


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Until next time, remember to WEAR BAP!  

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