Big Agnes 4 Season Tents

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Greetings Bappers!
Cold temperatures and frequent snowy events are among us.
Winter camping is right around the corner.
Are you aware of the four season tents that Big Agnes makes?
Well, you’ve come to the right place. This blog is geared to give you a brief yet comprehensive synopsis of the Big Agnes 4 season tents.
Let’s dive in, shall we?
To start off we have the Copper Spur High Volume (HV) Expedition, this tent is a burly version of the best selling Copper Spur series. The Copper Spur HV Expedition is available as a two or three person. When pitched with its fly it has two large vestibules which add valued room for optimum storage. Big Agnes increased the pole diameter for the expedition and combined that with the 4 way DAC hub, inherently increasing the strength of the architecture. A perk to having the hub system, is the increased steepness of the walls, giving you more head and shoulder room (hence, the HV).
This tent comes standard with the exterior guy lines and interior guy loops, which work to provide optimum stability in rough conditions. Some other notable features include the dual zipper side entry door (for ventilation or hunkering down), sealed seams with waterproof tape, and reinforced steak out loops which are compatible with skis or other bulky equipment. Within the proprietary ripstop nylon body, there are multiple vents which can be open or closed depending on your preference. The fly and floor are coated with waterproof polyurethane/silicone, and can take a beating. The Copper Spur Expedition weighs in at 4lbs 12oz and is an overall solid tent, which has proven to be bommer in the backcountry.
Now onto the Shield 2, this tent is beastly.
The Shield 2 is a front entry, single walled tent. Its has a 10000 mm waterproof rating, while maintaining a weight of 3lbs 15oz. The door features two windows, which can be closed via mesh or nylon. The interior of the tent utilizes 37.5 particle technology which responds to body heat to actively capture and release moisture vapor. The shield maintains a comfortable microclimate while protecting you from the external elements. The pole structure is made with DAC poles, and utilize sleeves and plastic clips to secure the tent body to the poles. The Shield also has an accessory vestibule, which can be purchased separately, the vestibule adds and extra layer of protection while increasing room for storage. This tent proves to be reliable and snug, perfect for one or two people.
While you’re out there battling the mountain to earn your turns, you can spend your evenings hunkered down in the Battle Mountain tent. The Battle Mountain has the classic base-camp tent look, and depending on the version can fit two or three people. Both doors include dual zip for ventilation or ultimate protection. The fly and floor are coated with 1200 mm rated waterproof coating. This tent has a spacious interior, and is perfect for those who love gear; in fact, you gain two spacious vestibules when the fly is pitched. All seams are sealed with waterproof tape, and vents are found throughout the tent body and fly to optimize ventilation. Reflective guy lines are found on the exterior of the tent to increase the structural integrity. This beefy tent weighs in at 4lbs 7oz, and is a great option for those looking for a spacious tent.
  These four season tents have proven to be tried and true.
If you still have questions feel free to stop into the Redhouse or give us a call.
We are happy to reveal the intricacies of all of the Big Agnes gear!
Until next time,

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