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Everyone has a favorite article of clothing. You know that one piece that you take everywhere with you regardless of the dirt or stains they contain; or,  it’s that one shirt your mom constantly tells you to replace?

I have a favorite shirt, just like everyone else. When I put my obnoxiously bright yellow quarter zip on, a feeling of nostalgia consumes me. Red dirt stains bring me back to backpacking through Capitol Reef, and technical canyoneering in Zion. I think of evenings star gazing from the comfort of my sleeping bag, or sitting in the dirt with my friends deliriously laughing at dinner antics after a long day of trekking. You can say my shirt and I have a romantic relationship (haha) we’ve gone everywhere together. Every time I put on my favorite shirt, I relive these moments that are so dear to me. 


It’s interesting how a sensation of a simple fabric can trigger such nostalgia.

It's a tattered shirt now, and its yellow glory is slightly dimmed by the accumulation of experiences we’ve had together. Although beaten up, I wear it at every opportunity, in Steamboat I feel like its a badge of honor... “Yeah, this is my adventure shirt,” it really speaks for itself.


We are B-wear Action Products and we make adventure clothes. Our clothing is comprised of awesome quality, durable materials, all hand made with care.

In our world, dirt is the best accessory.   


Have you gone on adventures wearing BAP gear? If so, tell us about it! We love seeing images, and knowing the stories of where our gear has gone.

Post a picture of your favorite BAP shirt and you could be featured on our social media platform.

(Extra points for you if its one of our items with a horizontal pocket!)


Share your photos with us on instagram @BAP_INC & use #wearbap

Cheers to your next adventure. 


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