Mud-season Gear Maintenance

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Hey Bappers, how's your mud season going?
Are you eagerly waiting for winter to arrive?... Or are you holding on to the last remnants of summer?
We know that mud season can be mentally taxing, and in general hard for everyone.
  We are here to remind you that we are all in the Boat together!
If ya’ll need ideas to get you out and about, feel free to stop in to the shops we love a good conversation, especially with gear lovers!  
Here at BAP we advocate that mud season is the perfect time to hang with your gear!
After a seasons use of gear it is important to perform proper maintenance, and mud season is the perfect time!
  There is no better way to spend the off season, than getting ready for the season ahead!
At the Red House and Lincoln store we have a plethora of gear washes to use!
We use Nikwax on everything!
We have Tent and Gear Solarwash, and Solarproof spray on treatment.
It's important to treat certain products with a UV protectant; nylon and polyester degrade over time and over exposure to UV speeds that process up.
(The Solarproof treatment also adds water repellency, its a double whammy)
We also carry Wool Wash, you guessed it, made specifically for your wool products!
Wool Wash helps to soften wool, while enhancing its wicking power which we all love.
For all of your awesome Big Agnes down jackets we do have Down Wash Direct!
Down Wash Direct, cleans and restores/or adds water repellency to your down items, without compromising the loft of the down!
These are just some examples of what kinds of Nikwax wash we carry…
Don’t worry there is more!
We have specific detergents geared towards, fleece, soft shells, and waterproof clothing!
Using non-detergents made for specific gear or fabrics is a simple yet effective way to care for your gear!
Besides awesome washes, we also carry Tear-aid, patches, and seam seal!
However, do be sure to remember that if you have a Big Agnes product, that product does have a lifetime warranty.
You can start a case online (through, or at the Red House in order to get anything fixed!
Until next time!

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