BAP Giveaway! (OPEN UNTIL 10/5)

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In lieu of Big Agnes completing their 740 Mile CDT journey we are hosting a fun
Incase you didn't know...
In 2017 Big Agnes adopted 75 miles on the Continental Divide Trail! This year to celebrate the trail adoption, the CDT's 40th anniversary, and the 50th anniversary of the National Scenic Trails Act  employees of Big Agnes, HoneyStinger, and BAP hiked 740 miles through the Colorado portion of the CDT! 


First some details on the Border to Backyard journey:
 Traveled 740 miles & 145,615 feet in elevation in total
Involved 70+ employees
Included 3 dogs, 2 horses and a mule
Age of participants ranged from 11 to almost 70
3 Fourteeners were summited
Teams included nursing mothers, first time backpackers and bike-packers, veteran thru-hikers, and people recovering from knee surgeries, hip replacements, concussions, and broken wrists (None of which occurred on trail)

    Here are some photos from the Border to Backyard Rally
    PC: Matt Shultz
    PC: Krizzy Edmunds 
    PC: probably someone really cool
    PC: probably someone really cool
     PC: probably someone really cool
    Here at BAP it is important for us to be stewards of the land and help to maintain the trails that we and our customers love so much. With that being said, our customers are noticeably outdoorsy, and know their way around cherished public land! We want to celebrate you, and your recent adventures. If you have a photo with BAP gear in it, post it on Instagram and tag us at Bap_Inc and use the #WearBAP for a chance to win a custom BAP piece!  
    The winner of this Giveaway will get to create a CUSTOM BAP shell or Fleece! 
    You must be following: Bap_inc, Bigagnes_, and Honeystinger on Instagram
    Tag us: @Bap_inc 
    Use #Wearbap 
    Make sure you have BAP gear in the photo! 
    We will be picking the winners by next Friday 10/5
    The winner will be contacted via instagram, and may have their picture featured on our social media! 
    On another note here are some things happening this week: 


    TODAY: Thursday 9/27: 5:30-7:30 pm Mountain Tap Brewery is hosting Chews and Brews in partnership with Honey Stinger...

    (Featuring, Honey Stinger chews, waffles and bars. Beer samples and Honey Stinger samples are free!)

    6-8pm (ALSO TODAY) Storm Peak Brewing Company and Back Country Hunters and Anglers are hosting a Public Lands Pint Night. 
    Looks like it'll be a thirsty Thursday! 
    Friday 9/28: Hike & Bike to School day for Steamboat Elementary and Middle Schools
    Sunday 9/30: 12-6 pm: TASTE of Botswana: the Y-not Wagon at Butcherknife Brewery will be taken over by Steamboat Local Vivian Boza in order to raise f unds for a Mission Trip to serve in the slums of Johannesburg, South Africa in partnership with Impact Africa and the Steamboat Christian Center. Vivian will be serving traditional dishes from Botswana this Sunday! With a donation you will have the chance to win a Big Agnes C Bar 2 tent or I-pod touch! Visit Taste of Botswana on facebook for more details! 

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